Cavendish Impact Capital

Transformational Technologies to Help Patients Globally

The  Approach

 The Impact Portfolio Model: In the sweet spot between Impact Venture Capital and Private Equity; companies with exceptional technologies that have established proof-of-concept, are beyond initial proof-of-model, are typically poised for significant value inflection within three years and that, given their success, will create meaningful impact locally and globally.

The  Rationale

Making money alone is not enough. One must also create positive change.


Ensuring the fair treatment of employees as well as the community businesses build trust that aids in its sustainability.


Ensuring the business works to sustain and protect rather than degrade the environment.


With the businesses establishing the “People” & “Planet” aspect of the Triple Bottom line, profits usually follow.

Precision-guided cancer therapies that do not trigger on healthy tissues.

Sterile water for all who need it.

Encapsulated delivery that only destroys cancer.

A world of polymers without petroleum.

Less wasteful healthcare with better outcomes.

A gene therapy to cure diabetes.

The  Opportunity

Initial Capital Raise: $200M

Man looking over lake landscape

Equity Structure

  • 80% Distribution to Investor Member Shares
  • 20% Managing Member Shares

Profit Sharing Structure

  • 1.0% Management Fee for Operations
  • 80% Distribution to Investor Members and 20% to Managing Members until 2x return of capital to Investor Members from profits and or sales of investments on an Investment-by-Investment basis
  • Thereafter 70% to Investor Members and 30% to Managing Members


 A network of experience and capabilities
to optimize impact and investment returns.

Stanford GSB
Kyoto Prize
Scripps Oceanography
Johns Hopkins
MD Anderson Cancer Center
EPA Sustainability Labs

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